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The Joy of Music...

I first met Joan when I was a little girl, when she became my piano teacher. I remember being nervous about taking lessons because my first piano teacher was very stern and I didn't like to practice. I had hope that Joan might be different because her daughter, Michelle, was my school friend and Michelle was hilarious and silly and clever. I thought surely Michelle's parents must be cool. I learned very quickly that my suspicions were right. Joan was cool, very cool. Joan taught me to love music. Joan taught me that I could channel my emotions through music. Joan taught me that music can be spiritual and connect you deeper with your faith. Joan also became my friend - she was always ready to give a warm hug or listen to my story.

Growing up, our family would attend the Nassiri's Christmas concerts - it became part of our Christmas tradition. The Christmas season was in full swing once we watched the Nassiri's perform. Their voices and love for one another and for God filled the room through song and piano. I cherish these memories.

God has called Joan to her eternal home. A person as bright and lovely as Joan leaves an ache in our hearts when they depart this world. That ache is love. I am so blessed to have known Joan and blessed to call the Nassiris my friends.

My prayers are with everyone who is grieving. Let God wrap you in His embrace and love. You will be reunited with Joan in God's time.

-Elysse Boretsky


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