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Our mom’s posts…

She had a wonderful way of sharing thoughts and emotions in a kind and gentle way; and sometimes through a simple online post. I intend to continue to share the various ones she put online so they can be enjoyed and ruminated on here as well.


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Me and the Meem...

My mom and I have been traveling buddies for decades. Ever since I can remember, I would tag along all over the country whenever she would go on judging tours and even had the chance to spend over a m

How blessed I was to have known & to be loved by Joan...

Dearest Joan, You met me in a time of my life when I needed exactly you. Like a shining light in the darkness, you lifted me, my sister Dottie & my brother Calvin. You saw my hurts & hugged them away.

Selva family memories...

"Ms. Joan was more than a piano teacher for the Selva family. Our children started piano lessons with Ms. Joan in 2009 soon after we moved to the Houston area. Kavita was in 4th grade and Kumi in 1st


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