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Sweet feisty friend...

One of my fondest memories of Joan was when we were moving. I had a huge pile of trash in front of the house. I mean huge! I was hoping the garbage men would pick it up, but they took one look at it and drove to the next house. Joan was there helping me and we were both in the front yard. She looked at me and said, “ What the heck I’m going after them.” I said no don’t worry about it. But she ran after them in her little jogging shorts as fast as she could go and stood in front of the truck, in the middle of the street, waving her hands and yelling, “Hey go back and pick up that trash.” I was laughing so hard, but by gosh that truck backed up and got all that trash! She came back up the street, a little short of breath and red in the face and looked at me and said, “Yep that’s how you do it.” So many good memories my sweet , feisty friend.



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How blessed I was to have known & to be loved by Joan...

Dearest Joan, You met me in a time of my life when I needed exactly you. Like a shining light in the darkness, you lifted me, my sister Dottie & my brother Calvin. You saw my hurts & hugged them away.


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