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My tribute to Joan...

Joan was more than a great musician she was a light in every room she entered. She was good enough to be famous to the whole world, but she chose to be most famous to her family and her community of relationships. These relationships are the melody of her life, sung for the Lord, her Creator, her Maker and her Friend. I am part of that melody she wrote with her life. She became such a part of me that at the close of a message or a funeral service, I didn’t even have to nod at her to let her know when to play. She knew exactly when to play and what to play. Still today I have this beautiful and permanent melody in my head and my heart. A melody that Joan wrote with her life. It will never fade. It is deeply etched inside of me and I am so fortunate to be in the company of those for whom Joan touched with her life. She will always be a part of mine. Until we meet again and sing together again, for the Lord, Dan Osborn


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How blessed I was to have known & to be loved by Joan...

Dearest Joan, You met me in a time of my life when I needed exactly you. Like a shining light in the darkness, you lifted me, my sister Dottie & my brother Calvin. You saw my hurts & hugged them away.


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